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Polyester Resin

Polyester resin for Toner binder

Polyester resins for toner binder are pale flake and is made from the polymerization of diacids and diols. Hardeners,
pigment fillers, and additives are mixed in to improve chemical properties. No vaporization occurs, so it is an energy efficient
material. And, since this polyester resin does not use solvents, it is a good solution for concerns such as air pollution, odor,
fire hazard, and toxicity.

Plant Loacation, view
[Plant Location] [Plant view]
Plant Location Plant view
Plant Loacation, view
[Internal plant view] [Shipment at the plant]
Internal plant view Shipment at the plant

Polyester resins used for pulverized toner powder, , we supply various grade from several thousands molecular weight to
around twenty thousands molecular weight. Please feel free to ask any targeting grade for your toner type. Then we can also
develop any target grade for chemical toner powder with the best cost effectiveness according to the customer¡¯ requirement.

Our plant has many experience polyester resin synthesis for powder coating since long time ago. Therefore we do
manufacture it for toner binder itself.

Polyester resin for Powder Coating

This polyester resin is a pale granule powder. Polyester resin users of powder coating can easily get a thick coating film for
excellent coating performance to shorten the process and improve productivity with just one application. Users also can
reuse leftover paints, which makes our polyester resin a cost saving and environment-friendly product.

Polyester resin
Hybrid Carboxyl terminated polyester resin designed for use with epoxy resin
TGIC Carboxyl terminated polyester resin designed for use with TGIC
Urethane Hydroxyl terminated polyester resin designed for use with externally blocked is isocynates
and uretdiones
Primid Carboxyl terminated polyester resin for use with hydroxyalkylamide curing agent
Matting agent Epoxies containing acrylic hardener for carboxylated polyesters
(*)We can do almost manufacturing any kinds of counter grade against others polyester resin makers for powder coating field
Polyester resin
Type Image Application
Hybrid Hybrid

domestic electric devices, metallic furnishers, office devices, light devices,
and other indoor applications


architectural coatings, decorative coatings, frames, aluminum sashes,
agricultural machines, telephone booths, etc.

Urethane Urethane

PCM coatings, showcases, domestic electric devices, outdoor lights, etc.


Chemical Fillers


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