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Brominated Epoxy Resin

The bromination epoxy resin takes TBBA as raw material. Merits is fine melting flow rate, high flame-resistance, outstanding
thermo stability, good workability, no frosting, high light stability and non-corrosiveness. It is widely applied in flame-resistant
processing of PBT, PET, ABS, the nylon 66 engineering plastics, the thermoplastic as well as in PC/ABS plastic alloy.

Brominated Epoxy resin

Grade name

2000H 400S

Cas No.

68928-70-1 40039-93-8


Pale Yellow Granule White Flake

Melting point

175 - 185กษ Softening Range:65.0 ~ 70.0กษ

Bromine content

52 - 53% 48.0 ~ 50.0

Molecular weight

17,000 - 21,000 Epoxy Equivalent(g/eq): 390 ~ 410

Color(10% dioxane)

150 max. (APHA) max. 100


Water, Alcohol, MEK, MIBK, Xylene Water, Methanol


DMF, Dioxin DMF, Toluene, Acetone, Dioxin


25kg paper packing 25kg paper packing

Storage & Handling

Both of two items are stable under normal condition. Store in cool and dry locations.
Avoid inhalation, ingestion and contact with skin and eyes


It is recommended for use in a wide range
of thermoplastic, such as PBT,PET,
POLYAMIDES, Thermoplastic, polyurethanes.

It is designed for use in a broad range of
thermoplastic resin systems, such as PBT,
HIPS, thermoplastic elastomers, it can also be
used as a phenolic and epoxy printed circuit
board laminated and also for special
application in high and low density


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